Tribute a Salvador Allende

‘I’m going to Salvador Allende, the walkers say…’ Eduardo Galeano

We were tragedy created by USA-CIA

Nixon and Kissinger the horror strategists of 11.

 in the streets of the town

on those ceilings that were the anteroom

of eyes announcing flames, fire

bursts and shadows of evil

in that Santiago of 1973.

They were forbidden parks

We pecked like birds against the walls of oppression

We were bleeding in the crust of death.

Some time later 1976 came the street theater

We went out like love puppets

Undressing fear in that amateur actor dialogue

Through the streets, churches and unions

Courage was staged at the moon.

The hidden smile came out again

behind the windows of so much break-in

soldiers shot at the sunsets of September.

We were the re-incarnation of Juan Rulfo in that Santiago of 1973.

I remember when I read: ‘Comala’,

It wasn’t just reading, we talked

Between dead and alive.

The pain was truncated spring.

‘Every sigh is like a sip of life that one gets rid of’ *

Juan Garrido Salgado 2019 ©

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