Dialogue with Samuel Lafferte in Australia.

You’re more than a shadow of me walking /Yours was the name I took / As a militant poet in Moscow. / Yes, I read verses in your name at Red Square Beside the tomb of Lenin,/ Drinking and talking we read Marx’s Capital. / To the woman who was in the dark homeland./ From the nearby Soviet bar at the School of KOSOMOL/ We read the verses of Roque Dalton and Sergei Yesenin./ After our return/ We walked together into the underground struggle/ As twins childhood, /As a fellow fighter, /Sharing the same prison and the same blood in torture./ Shared notebooks and pencil/ the sweet and sour kiss the lost …/ In the hours of rest necessary/ Gradually the verses were born./ And since then I wonder/ Who these poems belong to/ Samuel Lafferte or the other I am even today.

Dialogue with Samuel Lafferte in Australia by Juan Garrido-Salgado. Author-Garrido-Salgado, Juan, 1957-, (author.) Published-Melbourne, [Victoria] Australia. by Blank Rune Press, 2016.

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